Jytte Høy, art, Copenhagen, Galleri Maria Friis

Jytte Høy

Jytte Høy is an artist whose work resides in the crossroads of the everyday and the abstract, creating a dialogue between the unnoticed and the conceptual. With a career spanning over twenty-five years, Høy has mastered the art of transforming humble, everyday objects into compelling sculptures that challenge and redefine their original functions. Her unique approach to art is rooted in the exploration of abstract spaces and the subtle intricacies that often go unnoticed, yet hold the power to alter perception and evoke deep associations.


Educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Høy has since become a significant figure in the Danish art scene, serving as the director of Jutland Art Academy from 1996 to 2007. Her work, celebrated for its humor, intelligence, and poignant reflections on space, womanhood, and the mundane, has been widely exhibited both in Denmark and internationally, earning her prestigious accolades such as the “Thorvaldsen Medal” and “Statens Kunstfonds Hæderslegat”.


In her practice, Høy engages with materials and objects in ways that produce a striking contrast of textures and meanings, aiming to create a vast abstract space that invites interpretation on multiple levels. This space, navigable only through the senses, becomes a canvas for the exploration of the relationships between art, place, and viewer. Whether through the series “Small Objects” or her involvement in public art, Høy seeks to not only make art a present force but to integrate it seamlessly into its environment, allowing it to belong and resonate with its specific location over time.


Through a career dedicated to exploring the boundaries of art and objecthood, Jytte Høy continues to inspire and provoke thought, highlighting the extraordinary within the ordinary. Her sculptures, a testament to the power of abstract thought and sensory exploration, invite us into a world where the familiar is reimagined, urging us to perceive beyond the surface.

Selected Artworks



Denmark, 1951


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1989



“Träden som försvann och kom tilbaka” & “Förgrening”, Kämpetorpsskolan, Stockholm, Sweden


“Grindsted Stone-berry”, Sydvestjysk Hospital, Grindsted, Denmark



“TOUCH”, Galleri Maria Friis, Copenhagen, Denmark


“WA(L)KING COPENHAGEN”, Metropolis, Copenhagen, Denmark



“This Play”, ARTER, Istanbul, Turkey


“Unboxing the Archive”, Den Frie, Copenhagen, Denmark


Nina Saunders, art, Copenhagen, Galleri Maria Friis

DREAMS & DESIRES vol. II – Heavy Breathing

Summer group exhibition
28. June – 17. August 24

Jytte Høy, art, Copenhagen, Galleri Maria Friis


Jytte Høy
15. March – 27. April 24