Orsolya Bagala, art, Copenhagen, Galleri Maria Friis

Orsolya Bagala Painting Acquired By Kunsten Museum Of Modern Art

13. May 2024


Mentioned artist(s)

Orsolya Bagala


Featured image:

Orsolya Bagala, Your Past Became Gold, 2023, Acrylic paint on canvas, 120h x 100w cm



We are very proud to announce that Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg has acquired a painting by Orsolya Bagala in connection with the recent exhibition, “Waves of Time”, at Galleri Maria Friis.


The painting “Your Past Became Gold” (2023) is Bagala’s largest work on canvas to date. In the exhibition “Waves of Time” which also featured works by Danish artist Nour Fog, the painting hung to the right, as you entered the gallery space. In the artwork “Your Past Became Gold”, a female torso is depicted from the back with her face seen in profile, while simultaneously gazing directly back at the viewer through her neck. In her hand, she holds a hazy substance and on her back we see a hole with rusty blood flowing from it.


Our joyous and heartfelt congratulations to Orsolya Bagala!


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