Orsolya Bagala, art, Copenhagen, Galleri Maria Friis

Waves of Time

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A duo exhibition with Orsolya Bagala and Nour Fog



In the gallery space where paint meets clay, “Waves of Time” emerge as a testament to the ebb and flow of existence. This exhibition brings together the works of two artists: the painter Orsolya Bagala and the ceramic sculptor Nour Fog.


Orsolya Bagala’s works on cardboard, paper, and canvas invite us to witness the various phases of life. With her brushstrokes, she captures the diverse themes of existence and her works are a timeless reflection of the human journey, reminding us that life is a flowing sequence of stories waiting to be told.


Contrasting with Nour Fog’s profound thematic explorations of life and death, transformation, and the enduring allure of beauty, through ceramics. Each of Nour’s pieces is a philosophical meditation, a vessel that mpt only consists of clay but is also where profound thoughts and emotions are collected. Through their work, we are invited to ponder the intricate dance of existence, where the boundaries between life and art have blurred and merged.


“Waves of Time” serves as a reminder of time not following a linear progression but a series of interconnected moments. The memories of tragedy, beauty, and the fragility of life are encapsulated in these artworks, where every stroke of the brush and every sculpted curve tells a story of its own. In this exhibition, the porous and uncertain nature of time is embraced, allowing us to appreciate the ever-changing tides of existence. We look forward to sharing some time with you as we explore the waves of time, where beauty and meaning are found in the delicate balance between creation and the passage of moments.



Orsolya Bagala

Orsolya Bagala, captivates with her unique portrayal of women, blending the archetypal with the surreal. Her subjects range from tender depictions of motherhood to fantastical forms, housing multiple entities within them. Bagala’s art often examines the hues of flesh and blood, lending her work a visceral, emotional depth. Her intuitive style, deeply anchored in psychological exploration, brings to life the complex emotions of joy, fear, and concern inherent in the human experience.


Orsolya had her first solo exhibition, “Oh girl – it will not last” at Galleri Maria Friis (2022). Subsequently, she received the “Jens Søndergaard and Wife Memorial Grant” (2022). Other exhibitions include the solo exhibition “Bargaining Souls” at Duna Múzeum in Esztergom, Hungary (2023) and the solo exhibition “Your skin is soft mud” at M100 (2023). Her works have been notably acquired by prestigious foundations and institutions such as the Danish Arts Foundation and the National Gallery of Denmark.



Nour Fog
Nour Fog works in an exploratory and sculptural manner within the ceramic medium, where a physical inner and outer are explored through forms and space, and on a symbolic level, themes such as psychology, body, and sexuality are examined. Nour’s view of the world breaks with the classical iconography historically associated with the form and function of ceramics.


Notable exhibitions showcasing Nour’s unique vision include the solo exhibition “Bulle du Monde” at Le Bicolore in Paris (2023), the solo exhibition “Verdens Boble” at Augustiana (2023), the group exhibition “Dreams and Desires, vol.1” at Galleri Maria Friis (2023) and the group exhibition “FED LER – Krukker i kunsten nu” at Gl. Holtegaard (2020). Nour Fog has also had solo exhibitions at Møstings Hus and Overgaden, as well as receiving the Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Talent Award for sculptors.


Image above:
Orsolya Bagala, Your Past Became Gold, 2023
Photo: Galleri Maria Friis

Nour Fog, art, Copenhagen, Galleri Maria Friis
Nour Fog, Embracing Shell, 2023 © Galleri Maria Friis
Orsolya Bagala, art, Copenhagen, Galleri Maria Friis
Orsolya Bagala, I will always guide you, 2022 © Galleri Maria Friis