Orsolya Bagala, art at Gallery Maria Friis in Copenhagen

Orsolya Bagala

Hungarian-born Orsolya Bagala, captivates with her unique portrayal of women, blending the archetypal with the surreal. Her subjects range from tender depictions of motherhood to fantastical forms, housing multiple entities within them. Bagala’s art often examines the hues of flesh and blood, lending her work a visceral, emotional depth. Her intuitive style, deeply anchored in psychological exploration, brings to life the complex emotions of joy, fear, and concern inherent in the human experience.


Her personal journey through crises and struggles enriches her art, transforming individual pain into universal themes. Bagala’s work transcends the personal, addressing shared human sorrows and joys. It’s a testament to resilience, turning personal narratives into collective stories that resonate with understanding and empathy.


In Bagala’s world, art is not just seen but felt, leaving viewers with a sense of the transient nature of life and the enduring spirit of hope. Her work, acknowledging the inevitable decay of the human body, rises above to celebrate the triumphs over life’s trials, inviting a deeper exploration into her intriguing, emotionally-charged universe.

Selected Artworks



Esztergom, Hungary, 1976


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2005



“Your skin is soft mud”, M100, Odense, Denmark
“Bargaining Souls”, Duna Múzeum, Esztergom, Hungary



Enter Art Fair, Galleri Maria Friis, Copenhagen, Denmark


“Mama Mia”, J.F. Willumsens Museum, Denmark


Orsolya Bagala, art, Copenhagen, Galleri Maria Friis

Waves of Time

Orsolya Bagala & Nour Fog
19. January – 9. March 24

Orsolya Bagala detail

Oh girl – it will not last

Orsolya Bagala
4. november – 3. december 22