Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan, Løn, art, Copenhagen

New Carlsberg Foundation acquires Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan’s “Løn” series

6. September 2023


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Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan



We are so proud to announce that the New Carlsberg Foundation has acquired 11 works by Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan in connection with her recent solo exhibition, ‘Under’, at Galleri Maria Friis.

The acquisition includes 11 watercolor on paper works, collectively titled ‘Løn’ (2022). At the exhibition, these works were installed in the middle of the high-ceilinged gallery space on specially designed tables, covered with purple fabric and protected by glass plates. This setup created a space where the viewer had to bend forward to inspect the work, thus entering into an intimate space with the pieces.

The title ‘Løn’ refers both to the exchange of goods and wages for work, but also to the older meaning of sitting in ‘løn’ (hiding) and being concealed. The motif in all the works is set in some form of cave or bubble and are all explicitly erotic, yet vary in temperament and theme. A recurring figure in all the works is a small fox, who both participates in and observes the varying scenarios.

It is with a happy heart that we congratulate Stense Andrea Lind-Valdan!