Galleri Maria Friis, Enter Art Fair 2023

Galleri Maria Friis would like to thank Enter Art Fair and Stir Pad

16. September 2023


Mentioned artist(s)

Orsolya Bagala
Sian Kristoffersen



“As a one-year-old gallerist I found myself pondering the prospect of an intriguing experiment for our participation at Enter Art Fair. What if I curated a small-scale art exhibition within the energetic environment of an international art fair? I embarked on this venture and realized that failing to harness the spatial and material gifts offered by the venue, Lokomotivværkstedet, would be a missed opportunity. So I set off with a well-crafted narrative in place, all that remained was to initiate the process.” 

– Maria Friis


We are happy to announce that our first-time participation at Enter Art Fair 2023 in Copenhagen has been rewarding in every way possible. Galleri Maria Friis set out to curate an exhibition at the given space at Lokomotivværkstedet this year. The positive reception of our artists’ works and our curation exceeded our wildest expectations. We are immensely grateful for all of the encounters and the generated sales during the week at the art fair and we hope to see more of you all in the near future!


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Artists that showcased at Enter Art Fair:

Orsolya Bagala
Sian Kristoffersen
Ditte Gantriis
Marianne Hesselbjerg