Sian Kristoffersen, art, Galleri Maria Friis, Copenhagen

Sian Kristoffersen

Sian Kristoffersen’s artistic practice is marked by an extensive use of diverse forms and materials, reflecting influences that span from ancient mythology and the natural world to science fiction, popular culture, and a profound commitment to literature. Drawing inspiration from both historical and fictional narratives, her art engages with the dynamics of association, fantasy, and memory, evoking the intricate spectrum of human emotions and desires.


Through the interplay of tactile elements and the sensual poetics of the human form, Sian Kristoffersen employs personal symbols and motifs from ancient Greek art to craft scenes that juxtapose classical aesthetics with modern-day themes. Featuring recurring elements such as seashells, teardrops, and objects resembling weapons, her work delves into how mythical and visual languages inform our self-perception, our worldview, and our societal constructs.


Sian Kristoffersen’s contributions to the field have been recognized through prestigious accolades, including the Niels Wessel Bagge’s Honorary Grant and The Leo Estvad Honorary Grant. Furthermore, her works have been honored with inclusion in the collections of the Danish Arts Foundation and the New Carlsberg Foundation, underscoring her significant impact on contemporary art.

Selected Artworks



Copenhagen, Denmark, 1969


Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland, 2004
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2007



“Pleasure Garden”, Antikmuseet, Aarhus, Denmark


“Salty Waters”, Galleri Maria Friis, Copenhagen, Denmark



Enter Art Fair, Galleri Maria Friis, Copenhagen, Denmark
“DREAMS & DESIRES vol. 1 I wanna eat you!”, Galleri Maria Friis, Copenhagen, Denmark


SALV02 (kopia)

DREAMS & DESIRES vol. 1 I wanna eat you!

Sommer gruppeudstilling
7. juli – 23. september 23

Harmolypia, art at Gallery Maria Friis in Copenhagen

Salty Waters

Sian Kristoffersen
23. september – 29. oktober 22