Orsolya Bagala, art at Gallery Maria Friis in Copenhagen

Orsolya Bagala acquired by SMK

23. February 2023


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Orsolya Bagala



It is a great pleasure to announce that The National Gallery of Denmark has acquired five works by Orsolya Bagala from her recent solo exhibition Oh girl – it will not last at Galleri Maria Friis.

The five works represent a cross-section of Orsolya Bagala’s artistic practice.
Two of the acquired works are from 2019 and originate from the part of her practice where she works in small formats on recycled cardboard pieces and paper packaging.
Three works are from 2022 and are characterized by her expansion in materials. From exclusively painting on packaging materials, she has for a while turned her focus to large format watercolor paper. What the five works have in common are their rare degree of intimacy and the capability to picture female fates, their strengths, and their vulnerabilities.

We congratulate Orsolya Bagala on her solo exhibition’s beautiful reception from artist colleagues, collectors, and institutions.

We thank The National Gallery of Denmark for the significant recognition and support they show to both Orsolya Bagala and Galleri Maria Friis.