Orsolya Bagala, Jens Søndergaard og hustrus mindelegat, art, Copenhagen

Orsolya Bagala receives “Jens Søndergaard og Hustrus Mindelegat”

17. November 2022


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Orsolya Bagala



Orsolya Bagala was celebrated on November 16, 2022, with a ceremonial reception at SMK featuring a speech by museum director and foundation board member Mikkel Bogh. The grant is Denmark’s largest prize for painters.

The reason for the grant award included, among other things, that Orsolya Bagala paints with a direct basis in her personal, experienced life. With her motherhood, body, daily life, circumstances, and living conditions as her starting point, she translates her experiences into spontaneous images whose motifs are direct and raw, bodily, iconographic, and symbol-laden, and which contain large amounts of poetry.

In her speech, Orsolya Bagala emphasized the personal starting point and the value of social relationships, familial support, and institutional backing. All values that are an essential part of the artistic practice.

Orsolya Bagala’s exhibition Oh girl – it will not last can be seen with us until December 3. We wish Orsolya Bagala heartfelt congratulations on the great prize.

Orsolya Bagala, art at Gallery Maria Friis in Copenhagen
Orsolya Bagala, The Eternal Mother who ruled over all the Mistakes, 2022 © Galleri Maria Friis