What does it mean to hold? Hold your breath, hold something, someone?

Holding in high or low regard, hold your tongue, holding hands. 

To adore is to be under a spell. To  experience beauty is to be open, to be vulnerable. To be held and behold.

Beauty can be found in landscapes, real and imagined; in embrace; in the unnerving realization of our connection. In the elevation of common greens, in the attention to surface and the depth of matter. Through painting, prints and sculpture, the exhibition invites to respite and reverie. To follow the windmills of your mind.

Across generations the exhibition presents works from nine artists:
Anna Munk (DK)
Finn Naur (DK)
Erdal Bilici (DK/TR)
Jo Hedegaard (DK)
Astrid Edith (DK)
Marianne Hesselbjerg (DK)
Therin Pethers (UK)
Adele Marie Rannes (DK)
Sophia Luna Portra (DK)

The show is curated by Sophia Luna Portra

Image above:
Anna Munk: Faustian, 2021. Metal, silver leaf, textile, and acrylic on canvas, 115 x 155 cm.